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Daytime Art Class


Evelyn Caro is a multi-disciplinary artist skilled in painting, drawing and printmaking. Trained in oil painting, Evelyn began experimenting with Acrylics and Mixed Media while working  in an art supply store and now knows all there is to know about Golden Acrylics. She is a Golden Artist Educator and teaches workshops on how incorporate acrylics into collage, monoprinting, mixed media, and how to experiment with texture. She is well versed in both realism and abstract art and is a great instructor choice for those looking to experiment with different techniques and styles.


11 AM - 4 PM | ADULTS 17+

Create unique and customized Greeting Cards just in the time for the Holidays!

Using geli plates and acrylics, learn printing techniques from Golden Products educator + Instructor Evelyn Caro. Choose your own materials and textures, practice monoprinting methods, and craft prints and cards in your own style!


Supplies not included - Geli Art Plates + Brayers will be provided for use during the workshop.




11 - 4

mixed media with acrylic workshop_edited.jpg

Acrylic mixed media techniques
11 AM - 4 PM BoTH DAYS | ADULTS 17+

Explore the world of Acrylic Mediums and experiment with different painting processes. The instructor can guide you through the ins and outs of creating abstract backgrounds. Learn about wetting agents, crackle pastes, and how to use textures, collage and layers. Have fun experimenting with materials and learn strategies of how to successfully manage the element of surprise while trying out new painting methods.

Supplies not included - there will be acrylic mediums & products provided in studio for students to experiment with or try for the first time. 


Suggested Supply List

Gessoed birch panel or canvas - some processes and mediums work better on panel any size (or multiple of sizes) small 8" - 20" dimensions recommended either square or rectangle formats work well 


Acrylic paint colours *bring what you have, the instructor prefers fluids, but heavybody are fine

If you are starting up the instructor recommend the following colours:

-Phthalo Blue RS or GS

-Hansa Yellow Opaque or Cadmium Yellow Med Hue

-Quinacridone Magenta

-Titanium White


Brushes - synthetic brushes variety of sizes from 2 round to 1" Flat could be long or short handle whatever your preference

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