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Hugo Dubon Art Instructor


Hugo Dubon is a commercial illustrator, fine artist and art instructor. He graduated from Alberta University of the Arts from the Visual Communications Program working primarily as a commercial Freelance Illustrator.  His illustrations have been published by The Globe and Mail, Alberta Theatre Projects, Avenue Magazine, Alberta Views Magazine and Theatre Junction.

He has exhibited his drawings and paintings in a number of group shows around Calgary including Axis gallery, Artspace, Leighton Centre, Midtowne Gallery, People's Portrait Prize and Expo Latino. A talented draughtsman, Hugo adds an expressive style to his portraits, landscapes and still life.


An art instructor for over 15 years, he has taught for AUArts, City of Calgary's art centres: North Mount Pleasant and Wildflower and as an Artist in Residence for the Calgary Board of Education.




2 DAY WOrKSHOP | Adults Ages 17+
APR 15 + 16 | 11 AM - 4 pm both days

Using the Asaro head model, learn how to find landmarks and planes of the human head. Understand facial structures and study how proportions change at different angles and how the planes look under different lighting.  Once the structure of the human head has been studied, students will move on to rendering a portrait with more unique facial traits.


Supplies Provided - recommended to bring a sketchbook for note taking



2 DAY WOrKSHOP | Adults Ages 17+
APR 22 + 23 | 11 AM - 4 pm both days

Using the Asaro Planar Head Model, students will complete greyscale studies to understand value and form. The Asaro Model will be painted at different angles and lighting situations.

The instructor will cover the Basic palette and Zorn palette having students create their own colour wheel then mix skin tones and produce a full coloured portrait.

It is recommended, but not required that students take Part 1 Portrait Drawing  prior to Part 2 Portrait Painting.

Students who take both will receive a $50 off Part 2. Use Coupon Code Dubon2 at Checkout.


Supplies Provided - recommended to bring a sketchbook for note taking



2 Day Workshop | Ages 17+

Sat  Sun, May 6 + 7 | 11 a.m. - 4 p.m. BOTH DAYS

Day 1: Colour Wheel and Chroma charts

Participants will create a colour wheel and chroma charts. This will help them to understand mixing, colour relationships, and harmonies, as well as the 3 properties of colour: Value, Temperature and Intensity.

Participants will then put this into practice by doing value studies (B/W) of the still life at hand, first by doing a single object value painting using limited brush strokes (this makes the student think in simple shapes rather than details), and then doing colour versions of such matching colours to their corresponding values.


NOTE: Participants will be asked to bring diverse landscape photos for day 2


Day 2: Landscape Painting

Participants will use their colour wheels as reference to make studies (B/W) to understand atmospheric perspective and composition. Later they will produce a colour version(s) of their photo references.


Supplies Provided - Recommended to bring a sketchbook for note taking.

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